FAVES founder and CEO Ulla Hald is a passionate fashion tech expert and authentic speaker. 
You may have heard her at MAGIC, WWiN, Dallas Market Center or California Market Center.

Guest Speaker

Ulla Hald, Founder/CEO FAVES

Ulla Hald

Founder & CEO of FAVES

Ulla Hald, a native of Denmark, is a passionate entrepreneur who loves fashion and technology. She started her career at Apple, and since then, has led the development of digital business products for global companies.

Having seen the positive impact of digital tools on other industries, Ulla knew that better tools would lead to better buying decisions and help save time and money for retailers. She founded FAVES to level the playing field for fashion retailers, by bringing world class data-driven technology within reach of every buyer.

“We created FAVES because fashion retailers are working harder than ever to optimize their business, while at the same time curating their collection to appeal to customers.”

Today the FAVES Pro app is used by retailers across the USA and Europe. Buyers from boutiques to department stores and online shops use the FAVES Pro app to optimize their business.

To request Ulla Hald as speaker, contact ulla@favespro.com