ROOLEE sells women’s apparel & accessories, kids and baby apparel, and gifts from their boutique in Logan, Utah, and online via  ROOLEE buys products from hundreds of different vendors, and designs their own exclusive items.

We spoke with Sadie Eliason, buyer and data analyst at ROOLEE. 

It eliminates buying the same styles from different vendors.

Whenever we order something, it goes into FAVES. Most importantly price, quantity, delivery dates, colors and categories. It eliminates buying the exact same styles from different vendors, which unfortunately has happened in the past.  

Before FAVES, I would take pictures of everything on my phone. I had a note-taking app, and I would copy the images into my app, and try to make notes on each style. Inevitably, after market, I would be missing notes and pictures, and during our after-market recovery time, I would spend a lot of my time trying to track it all down. I wasted hours doing that.

It’s a super efficient way to organize your purchases.

We order a lot of different items, a lot of different SKUs. And we find that some of the styles are similar. In the past when we visited vendors and would go “oh, haven’t we ordered something like this before?” I had to scroll through thousands of pictures on my phone to try to find the thing we ordered three months ago. Now I can just go into FAVES and search for the specific style, and it brings up all the similar items we have bought.

When we have design meetings, it’s really useful to figure out where we have gaps.

For example, we can look at delivery dates and see if we are going to have a huge influx in one month, but not many things in another month. It helps us understand that, so we can fill the gaps for the months where we don’t have deliveries.

We would prefer to be the only ones to have it :-) We love this app!

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