Meet some of the professional fashion buyers using FAVES Pro

Fashion Buyer Kasper Hostrup, GOODS

Kasper Hostrup

It gives an easy overview of everything you need as a buyer to make the best possible selection and stay within your budget. It’s simple and quick to set up. Easy to use and makes buying more efficient and on point.


Laura Thømming, Noun

Laura Thømming

The FAVES app helps us keep an overview, and it’s easy for me to share the collection with the others in the store. And very important – the shopping pictures are no longer mixed with my private holiday pictures. Read more (in danish).


Fashion Buyer Annette Finseth from Rue 153 uses FAVES

Annette Finseth

The app helps me to become more and more sustainable in my way of ordering, so I only buy what I need – and that what I buy is sold. It is important for me to help put an end to overproduction. Read more (in danish).


Fashion Buyer Henrik Knudsen, Hooha

Henrik Knudsen

We have all our information in one place. It’s easy to get an overview of what has been bought and for how much. I’m certain that many others could benefit from using FAVES. 

Fashion Buyer Louise Lysholm from FUSION

Louise Lysholm

FAVES is very easy to use. We like that it is so visual and helps us to remember things. It also helps us get a quick overview and stay on budget so we know when we have room to buy more. 

Fashion Buyer Karina fra Porte À Gauche uses FAVES

Karina Wærum Dar

My product pictures were previously mixed in with my private photos on the phone. At the same time, I had to remember if I had written any notes, and where the notes were. Now I can just look in the app to see if I have bought a green blazer. Read more (in danish).

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