The FAVES Pro app is easy to use

1. Take a picture, or import from your camera.
2. Tap on the brand name. 

That’s it!

Add more pictures and enter additional information such as category, color, and delivery date if you wish — now or later.

The FAVES app is fast and works the way you do.

FAVES helps us get a quick overview and stay on budget.

Louise LysholmBuyer at FUSION

Visual Overview

View your orders and keep track of styles you’re considering.
Search across brands, colors and categories.
Avoid over-buying or under-buying.

The FAVES app makes it easy to see if you have bought too
many similar 
styles, or if you’ve forgotten something important.

I use the app in dialog with the staff and customers, to show them what is coming.

Karina Wærum DarOwner & Buyer at Porte à Gauche

All the details in one place

Keep style information, price, notes and delivery dates accessible at all times.

Save time, and keep colleagues informed.

With the FAVES app your sales staff can see what’s coming, and when new items arrive at the store.

It’s my first season with the FAVES app, and I can already see that I keep my budget in the right place.

Annette FinsethOwner & Buyer at Rue 153

Peace of mind with budget tracking

The FAVES app automatically tracks your season budget and your brand budgets.

It’s easy to see if there’s room in the budget for more, and if your brand commitments are fulfilled.

Multiple Users

FAVES makes it easy for buying teams to stay in sync. Your style images and information are immediately available to colleagues — whether back home or across the trade show floor.

Sharing is also great for keeping sales staff updated when you’re away. Your colleagues can see and comment on purchases, quantities, delivery dates, etc.

FAVES App for Fashion Buyers Supports Multiple Users

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