NEW! Upload orders from Faire, FashionGo or Hubventory!

The FAVES Pro app can now receive orders directly from FashionGo, Faire and Hubventory!
It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Available on the Boutique Growth plan or as an upgrade.

Fast & Easy to Use

Keep track of all the products you are considering for your business 

  1. Snap (or upload) pictures of what you see and buy
  2. Tag category, cost and delivery, or any other details if you wish.


It eliminates buying the same styles from different vendors.

SadieBuyer at ROOLEE

Visual Overview

View your orders and keep track of the different products and styles you’re considering.

Avoid buying similar styles. The FAVES Pro app makes it easy to see if you’ve bought too many similar styles, or if you’ve forgotten something important.

I can easily see what I have picked out and what I still need. It is the best memory for a buyer.

Carl-JohanBuyer at APLACE

All the details in one place

Keep product information, price, notes and delivery dates accessible at all times. 

Imagine having all your buying pictures organized, and at the same time having easy access to see how many styles you ordered, which colors, when the orders will arrive, cost and retail pricing, and other essential buying info.

You no longer need to spend time matching photos, budget and product info after market!

FAVES saves me time and simplifies my work.

Kasper HostrupOwner & Buyer at GOODS

Peace of mind with budget tracking

FAVES Pro automatically tracks your spending, so you know exactly where you’re at with your budget across categories and vendors.

Tap REPORT to see the monthly order report. The reports show all purchases, broken down per month and category. 

You can budget per season, market or monthly – or any other way other you prefer. FAVES Pro adapts to your way of budgetting.


Export and Collaborate

FAVES makes it easy for buying teams to stay in sync.  Invite users into the app to collaborate. The style images and information are immediately available to colleagues — whether back home or across the trade show floor.

Sharing is also great for keeping sales and marketing staff updated when you’re away. Your colleagues can see and comment on purchases, quantities, delivery dates, etc.

NEW! Scan tags at market

Save time at market; use the tag scanner in FAVES to capture the text on the tags. Tags often include important order information like wholesale cost, style number, delivery time frame, sizes, and colors. The tag scanner works for all labels, including home decor.

Shopify Integration

FAVES can send your styles directly to Shopify as new unpublished products, complete with photos and pricing info. No need to mess with Excel or manual entry!

The Shopify integration is included the FAVES Growth plan, and available as an add-on to Basic.


Upload NuORDER and JOOR Orders

You can upload your orders from NuORDER and JOOR into FAVES.

Automatically get the pictures and all the details: price, MSRP, markup, quantity, color, sizes, delivery dates, style name, style number, and order number into FAVES from the order sheets.


Better Buying with FAVES Pro

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